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With over 20 years of experience helping and guiding people with diabetes improve their health, we know what works, and what doesn't.  We know what it takes to live a full, rich life without feeling deprived or depressed, all the while successfully managing your diabetes or pre-diabetes!

Are you confused by all the claims to “cure” Diabetes in 2 weeks or less? We know what's realistic and works long-term, not just a short term fix.

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The diagnosis of Diabetes or prediabetes often results in feeling overwhelmed, confused and fearful about the future. Despite all those mixed emotions you are challenged with learning a different lifestyle – a healthy lifestyle.

It’s almost like bringing home a new baby. Simple tasks suddenly seem very complex, such as what to eat and when to eat! Monitoring your health measures and knowing what you need to do to feel energized, vibrant, and healthy may seem like they may take up all your waking hours…..but it doesn’t have to!

At Transform Your Diabetes Health I sort out what to focus on first, as we look at and address all the aspects of self-management of diabetes. I debunk the popular myths, and guide you past what won’t work, to what will.


At Transform Your Diabetes Health, I will help you learn new eating behaviors coupled with adopting a whole new mindset. In addition you'll learn a new way of thinking about your eating habits AND your life. I work with you every step of the way while teaching you everything you need to know in managing your Type 2 diabetes diagnosis.

Through my proven system which I call  Diabetes Simplified: the 5M's of Managing Diabetes namely Meals, Mindset, Movement, Monitoring Health Status, and Medicines. Mary Costa, an RN Certified Diabetes Educator with over 25 years of experience of working in the Traditional Western Medicine AND Preventive health industry will assist you in managing your diabetes and creating a healthy body, mind and spirit. You'll be guided to achieving a vibrant style of living WITH diabetes, not constantly fighting against it.

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Because I know that education does not equal behavior change, I offer coaching and accountability tools people with diabetes will need for achieving their best health goals and outcomes.

I know that managing diabetes is not a sprint, but a marathon that takes time, education, and practice...and that is what you will be provided.

Let's get healthy together, shall we?custom_heart_character_13296


Mary Costa RN CDE CDTC

Certified Diabetes Educator,

Transform Your Diabetes Health


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The mindset of navigating food challenges like holidays, celebrations and social events for people with diabetes.
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